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FAO Rice Price Update April 2018


·          The FAO All Rice Price Index (2002-2004=100) averaged 227.5 points in March 2018, barely changed from a revised estimate of 227.3 for February 2018. A mild decline in higher quality Indica quotations compensated for somewhat stronger values of lower quality Indica rice last month. Quotations of Japonica and aromatic rice were little varied, amid generally quiet trading activity.

·         March began on a soft note in Asia, as demand remained sluggish while the winter-spring harvest progressed in Viet Nam and offseason crops were approaching the harvesting stage in India and Thailand. Although sentiment took a more bullish turn mid-way through the month following purchases by Indonesia, Malaysia and China, Indica quotations posted mild monthly declines in India, Thailand and Viet Nam influenced by the weak undertone early in the month. Sales to Indonesia and African buyers lent more consistent support to quotations of non-fragrant rice in Pakistan, notwithstanding a depreciation of the Rupee. Price movements were more limited in the Americas, as main crop harvests gained momentum in the main South America exporters, whilst supplies remained tight in the United States. Quotations in Brazil stood out as an exception, falling to a twenty-three month low, as a weaker Real and new crop arrivals added to downward pressure exerted by large carry-overs.

·         According the FAO All Rice Price Index, international prices in the first quarter of 2018 were 17.2 percent above their corresponding level in 2017, reflecting price increases in all the major rice market segments.




















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